About Us

The Nigerian Academy of Education is a self-governing national, non-political, independent, and professional body open to suitably qualified Nigerian educationists, and institutional members such as subject associations made up of teachers with professional qualifications; professional associations catering for special areas of education; and Ministry of Education parastatals.

The core of the Nigerian Academy of Education is its Executive Council, Board of Trustees, College of Fellows, and Standing Committees, supported by a dedicated staff in Abuja and Lagos.

The Academy facilitates interaction and communication among educationists through its Annual Congresses and the Proceedings of Annual Congresses, Proceedings of Annual Seminars/Lectures/Symposia on current issues in education, the General Information Brochure and the Academy Year Book. It promotes excellence in Nigerian education through its Journals which publish articles that make original contributions to general issues in education with emphasis on well researched/empirical studies.

The efforts of the Academy in the area of Research can be viewed from two perspectives: individual and collective perspectives. The individual perspective is demonstrated in the contribution of its members to its Year Book and Seminar publications which are essentially the results of researches earlier conducted by them.

The collective perspective is in the group research conducted by the Academy either under its own sponsorship or at the instance of an external body. In this respect, among the contributions of the Academy in the development of education in Nigeria was a study of Educational Problems in Nasarawa State undertaken and completed in response to a request for assistance by the Nasarawa State Government of Nigeria. The report submitted to the State in 2004, was very well received by the government and has formed the basis of some of the educational reforms of the State. And in appreciation of the contribution of the Academy, the Nasarawa State Government made a donation of 1million Naira to the Academy.

The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) also commissioned a Research on “Assessment of Effectiveness of Teaching Practices Programmes of Nigerian Universities and Colleges of Education” which was equally undertaken and completed by the Academy.

To be able to handle researches that may be commissioned, the Academy has zoned the country into five research zones with each zone comprising a study group of not less than three core members and a study team of not more than ten members. While the study group develops the proposal and instruments, undertakes the data analysis and writes the report; the study team carries out data collection. By this arrangement, data collection is achieved within the minimum time. It paid off in the Nasarawa State Project.

Beyond the research community, the Academy also serves through independent policies and policy implementations work, in advisory capacity to various governments of the federation and the promotion of high educational standards at all levels of the educational system. It also serves as a national forum for the dissemination of educational ideas to the general public.


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