Prof. Kabiru Isyaku, FNAE.

The Nigerian Academy of Education is governed by an Executive Council consisting of officers of the Academy, four (4) elected members and trustees whose role is to initiate policies and programmes of the Academy and consider all officers’ and committees’ reports and present them to the General Meeting for approval or ratification. The Executive Council and General Meetings are presided over by the President of the Academy.

The Executive Council meetings are held twice (2) in a year- in April/May and November. The November meeting is scheduled to coincide with the Academy’s Annual General Meeting which takes place the same month.

The current President is Prof. Kabiru Isyaku, FNAE who’s first term of two (2) years started in November 2021. At the expiration of his current tenure, the President and members of his Executive Council will be free to seek re-election for a second term of two (2) years after which they must step down.

The President is supported by eight (8) other officers of the Academy who are elected members of the executive council. The First Vice President assists the President in the discharge of his/her duties and also serves as the Chair of Conference Committee. The Second Vice President performs the duties of the President in the absence of the President and first Vice President and serves as Chair of Projects Committee.

Also supporting the President is the Secretary- General, who is responsible for keeping the minutes of the General meetings and the Executive Committee meetings and for all the correspondences of the Academy, and for keeping the records of membership together with the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary. The Assistant Secretary-General is responsible for taking the minutes of EXCO meetings, General Assembly and Annual General Meeting and submitting the draft to the Secretary-General, and also serves as Secretary to the Conference Committee in addition to taking charge of welfare matters for the Academy.

Other officers of the Academy are the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary who are responsible for keeping the accounts and administering the Academy finances. The Treasurer also serves as the Chair of the Funding Committee.

It is the responsibility of the Publicity Secretary to publicize the activities of the Academy as directed by the Executive Council and also to serve as the Chair of Communiqué Drafting Committee at the Annual Congress of the Academy, while the Editor-in-Chief  takes care of organizing, editing, publishing and circulating all publications of the Academy in conjunction with the Publications Committee in addition to serving as the Chair of Publications Committee.

The Auditor is responsible for auditing annually the finance books of the Academy and for submitting a report to the Executive Council, General Assembly and the Annual General Meeting of the Academy.

 Professor Elizabeth Eke, FNAE.

The Immediate Past President of the Academy is Professor Elizabeth Eke, who served as President from 2016 – 2021.

The Executive Council and Officers are supported by a permanent staff in Abuja Mr.  Egbe Fredrick who is the Administrative Secretary  of the Academys’ office 

The affairs of the association is guided by its Constitution as amended at the 28th Annual General Meeting held on Thursday, 7 November 2013 at Whyte View Hotel, Awka, Anambra State, and it took immediate effect from that day.

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