Secretariat of the Academy

The Secretariat of the Nigerian Academy of Education is headed by the Administrative Secretary at the Head Office in Abuja. The Academy also maintains a Contact Office in Lagos headed by an Administrative Secretary loaned to the Academy by NERDC. The Offices are located at the following addresses:

Abuja Head Office

NCCE Building Plot 829,
Ralph Shodeinde Street,
P.M.B 394,

Lagos Office


3 Jibowu Street,

Academy Robes

The Academy has two types of ceremonial robe, one for Members and the other for Fellows. The robes are scarlet in colour with a beret cap to match and bearing the Academy insignia (and having no hood).

The robe is worn at the opening ceremony of the Annual Congress, at other formal occasions of the Academy, and by members whenever they think it necessary in the interest of publicizing the Academy. All new members and fellows are required to purchase their robes and wear them at the induction and robbing ceremonies during Annual Congress.

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