College of Fellows

The College of Fellows serves as an advisory body to the Academy; it is its responsibility to provide a forum for all regular fellows and honorary fellows of the Academy and to:

  • 1

    Meet and share ideas;

  • 2

    Popularize and publicise the activities of the Academy;

  • 3

    Develop a code of ethics for the members of the College of Fellows;

  • 4

    Organise Fellows Dinner Night at least once every two years;

  • 5

    Establish linkages through a communication network for interactive relationship, scholarly and mutual support among members of the College of Fellows;

  • 6

    Carry out any special assignment which the Academy may request from time to time.

Membership of the College of Fellows comprises regular fellows and honorary fellows of the Academy. The college of fellows which meets at least once a year, preferably in May, operates a loose structure with a Chairman and a Secretary elected at its meeting for a term of two (2) years in the first instance and renewable for subsequent terms of two years each as the members may deem necessary and convenient. It is the responsibility of the Chairman of the College to submit a report of its activities to the Annual General Meeting in November.

Professor (Mrs) Grace Alele-Williams
Currently the most Senior Fellow

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