Standing Committees

The Academy operates the following standing committees;

  • Membership & Fellowship Committee;

  • Conference Committee;

  • Project Committee;

  • Funding Committee;

  • Publications Committee;

Each standing committee is made up of ten (10) nominated members with the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer and Editor-in-Chief respectively as the chairmen.While the Secretary General serves as the Secretary of the Membership & Fellowship Committee; the Assistant Secretary General is the Secretary of the Conference Committee. The Chairmen of the Project, Funding & Publications Committees nominate their Secretaries for EXCO approval.

It is the responsibility of the Chairmen of the Committees to submit a list of ten (10) nominated members including himself/herself to the EXCO for approval as members of the committees except for the Membership & Fellowship Committee where membership is made up of; seven (7) trustees of the Academy, the Immediate Past President, one (1) fellow nominated by the President for EXCO approval, and Secretary General as Secretary.

The committees meet at least twice in one calendar year- in April/May and November before submitting their reports to the EXCO for consideration, approval and recommendation to the General Assembly for approval/ ratification.

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