Academy Year Books

The followings are the Year Books published by the Academy:

  • Education and the Law in Nigeria, Professor E A Yoloye (ed.), Year Book 1, 1995.

  • Teachers and Teaching in Nigeria, Professor N A Nwagwu (ed.), Year Book 2, 1998.

  • Financing of Education in Nigeria, Professor (Mrs) Ebele J Maduewesi (ed.), Year Book 3, 2001.

  • Higher Education in Nigeria, Professor J A Aghenta (ed.), Year Book 4, 2006.

  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Professor O C Nwana (ed.), Year Book 5, 2009

  • Reforms in Nigerian Education, Professor L O Ocho (ed.), Year Book 6, 2009

  • Peace Education and the Challenges of Nation Building, Professor (Mrs) T A Bolarin (ed.), Year Book 7, 2014

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